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“I’m passionate about creating self-sufficient families and communities”

I’m Yole Yogi Raam, Global Transition Guide and creator of the Eight Smiles framework for holistic development for individuals, families, and communities. I am here to help you and your family have a better, happier, healthy and more fulfilling life – the life you have always dreamed of having.


Introducing the Eight Smiles


Access your source of total creativity and potentiality.

Healthy Home

Design and build a healthy sustainable home for your family.

Health Mastery

Health naturally with daily routines and cleanses.

Harmonious Family

Harmonious family relations are based on ability to transcend differences.

Healthy Food

Eat and grow food as close to nature as you can.

Home Education

Educating children at home by parents, grandparents and friends.

Holistic Wealth

Creating wealth free of negative karmic influences.

Community Living

Expanding our family values into a community and environment.



Yole’s Latest Blogs


Discovery of the Secret Scroll “Light of Life “

Discovery of the Secret Scroll “Light of Life “

This story came up one night when my boys requested a bed time story. Yogi’s Good Night story for Kids or Adults How to Return to Light - Reminder of Life Purpose Years ago my good friend told me “you know, before our soul comes to earth and incarnates in a body, it...

The Life We Are Born to Live (or How to Get Out of Misery)

The Life We Are Born to Live (or How to Get Out of Misery)

The Key to Transforming Our Lives How to Regain Our Lost Freedom & Recreate Our Own Life: our thoughts, feelings, decisions, actions Witness or be a creator of a new healthy and sustainable world that is emerging—the world that requires new ways of thinking, and...

Introducing the Global EcoWealth Alliance

Introducing the Global EcoWealth Alliance

PermaLife & EcoWealth: A global initiative to regenerate the total wealth of life and to serve the evolution of life on earth. We created the Common Ground Network to support the awakening of life on earth to freedom, affluence and the joy of co-creating. The...

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Yole Yogi Raam

Yole Yogi Raam is a Global Transition Guide. He teaches people how to be self-sufficient and how to create self-sufficient communities.

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