PermaLife & EcoWealth: A global initiative to regenerate the total wealth of life and to serve the evolution of life on earth.

We created the Common Ground Network to support the awakening of life on earth to freedom, affluence and the joy of co-creating.

The Eternal Wealth Experience Program was created to help people regain the joy of life. While most of humanity experiences great fear from the coming changes we are creating an oasis to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for a smooth global transition toward higher levels of human evolution. Our mission is to provide all the knowledge, services and products necessary for your full personal development and self-realization and a smooth experience of the current global transition. Sustainable life in harmony with nature is a requirement for personal growth and an easy global transition. Wisdom of healthy, self-sufficient existence is a by product of the development of consciousness.

About us:

A small group of philanthropists: scientists, researchers, artists, sustainable leaders and global well-wishers who were thinking how to resolve current environmental and social issues, created the PermaLife Network Community (PNC) and Global EcoWealth Alliance (GEA) to support new thinking and new use of old systems.

Long time ago Albert Einstein stated a well known fact “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Our Vision: Our Dream is a LIFE IN FREEDOM and JOY – natural, sustainable, self-sufficient life in affluence, peace, health and happiness. It is the dream of our civilization since the beginning and now we have all that is needed to make it a reality.

Our Mission: CO-CREATION of a COMMON GROUND ECO-NETWORK – to provide a fertile ground to speed up and ease the creation of our common dream of sustainable living on earth – Back to life in tune with nature.

PermaLife and EcoWealth is a holistic network serving current and future generations by providing common ground for cultural integration and modeling simple, natural ways of living in tune with the laws of the universe.

We create and evolve holistic, socially responsible networks and provide common ground platforms, systems and tools for realization of projects designed by environmental and social groups. We unite efforts of green networks, educators, students and seekers of meaningful life & work.

PLN & GEA catalyze new sustainable solutions for burning social and environmental issues caused by the accelerating speed of global changes: environmental, personal and social health; family and social relations; global political, economic and business changes; unemployment, education and personal development; population, poverty and income gap increase; global warming, food and environmental pollution…

For students and our partners the co-creation work starts with education and the necessary experience for total personal development and self reliance. The course has 8 layers plus a ninth one that provides the wholeness and totality.

Each student/partner finds his place of expertise/ belonging in one of the 8 layers of the network metrics for total freedom.
In addition to member’s personal benefits there is a two year program that educates professional guides/coaches/teachers in PermaLife and EcoWealth courses and eco-communities.

We support the creation of healthy communities world-wide (PermaLife & EcoWealth villages). The network serves to connect and provide exchange of values created by members from different countries and continents.

Our Core Values
1. Kindness and Nonviolence
 – Have a genuine intention/desire to develop a profound level and ability to feel emotional connection with all you communicate at work and in the community. We do this by providing experience of transcending outer and uniting with our real inner self through personal development practices.

2. Becoming and Driving Change
During our training we learn not only to not fear change, but to embrace it enthusiastically and drive it. We travel in the direction of our fears.

3. Get Outside the Box and Becoming Fun and Innovation
We step out of corporate and boring. We laugh at ourselves. We look for fun and humor in our daily work. We are unconventional–encouraging weirdness encourages people to think outside the box and be more innovative.

4. Becoming Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
By releasing our collected inner stress and pressures we are becoming bold and daring, but not reckless. We are not afraid to take risks and make mistakes, because if people aren’t making mistakes, they’re not taking enough risks. We encourage people to make mistakes as long as they learn from them. We are always seeking adventure and having fun exploring new possibilities. We approach situations with an open mind.

5. Pursue Growth and Learning
It’s important to grow personally and professionally. We constantly challenge and stretch yourself. We get better every day.” We’ll do our best to “get it right” and then do it again when we find out that things have changed. The cycle of growth never ends. The best expertise you can bring is expertise at learning, adapting and figuring new things out.

6. Build Open and Honest Relationships 
Openness and honesty make for the best relationship because that leads to trust and faith. We value strong relationships in all areas: managers, direct reports, customers, vendors, business partners, team members and co-workers. A key ingredient in strong relationships is an emotional connection. In our relationships, we should be: compassionate, friendly, loyal and try to always “do the right thing”. With trust, we can do anything. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you say or do, but it’s how you make people feel that matters most.

7. Be part of a Positive Team and contribute Family Spirit
As a result of our personal development: We create an environment that is friendly, warm and exciting. We encourage diversity in ideas, opinions and points of view. We can disagree without being disagreeable. We take ownership of issues and collaborate with others whenever challenges arise. We are more than just a team– we are a family. We watch out for each other, care for one another, and go above and beyond for each other. We work and play together.

8. Achieve More with Less
As a result of our personal development: We continuously innovate as well as make incremental improvements to our operations. We strive to consume/waste less. We use mistakes as learning opportunities.

9. Provide Solutions Not Barriers
As a result of our personal development: We are naturally resourceful and don’t take “no” or “that’ll never work” as an answer. We don’t wait for others to solve our problems or compound a situation by adding more. We look for solutions even when no one is asking.

10. Be Humble
As a result of our personal development: Regardless of great achievements there are challenges ahead. No matter what happens always be respectful of everyone.

PermaLife & EcoWealth

FRAMEWORK: Our duplicable framework follows growth of life, the basic life supporting laws of nature.


  • It is natural for Life to grow and expand but certain conditions are needed:
  • Intelligence or knowledge to give direction and know-how = EXPERIENCE COURSES
  • Energy to execute action is provided by group activities – EXPERIENCE TOURS
  • Healthy, Fertile Environment/Conditions –places like ECO-VILLAGES

The result is:

New life experience, New Awakening, Consciousness Expansion and Spontaneous Change, New Life Framework

Eco VillagesTo provide conditions for growth of our life we look for “fertile ground” that is peaceful healthy environment. Our communities/ecovillages should provide perfect place for personal growth.

  • PermaLife and EcoWealth Experience (Courses)
  • Designed to Awaken our Inner Potential and
  • Provide Skills for Self-Sufficient Living

We are open, collaborative and use our collective experience, scientific knowledge and collective wisdom of mankind to create meaningful and practical courses /training for higher stages of personal, business and social experience of growth and development.

Course I: Fundamentals of PermaLife & EcoWealth – How to Acquire Total Wealth – Self-Reliance – Independence:

Raam-Wan Total Wealth Experience Program guides you through process of:

  • Re-gaining your Natural Health,
  • Re-balancing social Relations & Family,
  • Re-designing your Business/Economy to be Ethical and Sustainable
  • Building your life family heritage/domain: Healthy Green Home, Energy
  • Creating Healthy Food – Independence Organic Garden
  • Co-creating and co-educating healthy, independent children
  • Re-gaining permanent Inner Peace & Happiness
  • Co-creating healthy communities/ecovillages for global eternal wealth.

Course II: Natural Health-  all you need to know to maintain and improve your health naturally without harmful side effects.

Course III: Balance your Social and Family Relations – learn how to fulfill your needs and organize your social and family life so it serves your purpose and family purpose without conflicts.
Course IV: Create your Sustainable/family Business independent of global or local economic changes.
Course V: Organize your healthy food self sufficiency- organic garden at home.
Course VI: Learn how to select your land, Design your healthy house and renewable energy system.
Course VII: Preparation for Family co-creation – for healthy future of your family and kids.
Course VIII: Organize Conscious Home and Community based education of your children.
Course IX: Build your Cloud Life – A Community of people you wish to be surrounded by in your life and creation of new values.

With these courses we learn and develop our skills necessary to have self-reliant life than we naturally grow in desire to be surrounded with likeminded people. As we grow and become aware of all outer influences the need to be surrounded by real friends and family becomes necessity. This is natural, organic way to grow model communities based on growth of consciousness/awareness of need to generate conditions necessary for personal growth that is simultaneously community development. Community development includes all elements of holistic eco-wealth, in other words personal and social development including natural/sustainable economic growth.

Experience Tours

Our traveling is not just for tourist activities, it is carefully designed to provide conditions necessary for harmonious personal growth and change. In order to generate the experience necessary for personal change and growth we visit certain places, climates and cultures. We meet certain people to understand the life varieties and differences of opinions and ways we see the world, the purpose of life, family and business engagements.

Each place we visit during a tour will bring experience and stimulate different levels of inner change.For example an ecovillage is best place to experience and learn about process of changes in:

  • Relationships in family, in business and community…
  • Self sufficiency-how to grow your own food, produce renewable energy…
  • Material independence – how to organize personal economy/family business that is based on real values that are needed locally…
  • So our tours provide experience of the unifying, underlying level of all varieties we will experience visiting different cultures around the world: Europe, Asia, North/South America, and island nations.

By seeing and experiencing different levels of economies, politics, religions, education and cultural values we will be able to distinguish underlying truth – the source of all varieties. So we will have a chance to start developing our life that is on global level of human existence and become global citizen who naturally/spontaneously behaves evolutionary, i.e. makes socially responsible decisions and performs actions that do not ham environment and life on earth.

How we achieve this great change in relatively short time: Using unique programs for personal development

  • Using methods for natural personal health mastery
  • Using skills for balanced and healthy social and family relations
  • Surrounding self with beneficial, change supporting environmentGaining understanding of basic life values, principles and routines that guide successful affluent living

PermaLife & EcoWealth Centers/Communities/Ecovillages

Should be located far from polluted industrial areas and have panty of drinking water, pure air, and fertile soil. All we do in these places/villages should serve evolution of our planet Earth and its inhabitants. Our experience and learning in the centers leads to deep inner realization of unity and interdependence of all existence on earth and in the universe. Each part of that “Big Being”, as it is in case of each cell of the human body, supports existence of the Whole.

So the residents of the village as well as guests should preserve all aspects of life/evolution in the village.

Each ecovillage/educational center will have their own unique blend of activities based on members, residents and environment of the location.

  • General elements of an ecovillage/center:
  • Small individual cabins for students/guests
  • Community building-meetings, food, services
  • Vegetable and herbal gardens/greenhouses
  • EcoWealth/business incubator
  • Research facility (to provide value creation in new life supporting discoveries)
  • Production facility (to provide value creation for the village inhabitants)
  • Housing for permanent residents
  • Housing for long term students/teachers (2 year)

Our Global Solution:

Success of our whole life, including family, business, global economy and environment depends on our ability to live and behave according to current reality. It is well known fact that our current systems, globally, are organized according to outdated filtered research and theories using principles and rules of the past. To break out of vicious circle of dependency/illusions we need to experience the world anew with new eyes wide open – it is not possible by sitting in a classroom, from a book or a computer using the same overloaded brain. Change is necessary, not only quantitative but qualitative –a new higher level of functioning, a new paradigm a quantum leap. That’s why we created a new approach to living wealth development education:

  • The education that provides relevant experience to all senses,
  • The education that expands our brain connections-plasticity,
  • Improves all inner systems functioning,
  • The education that provides conditions for our self growth/development.
  • It is measurable but not by assigned grades but by objective psycho/neuro-physiological integration measures.

The missing link is practical application of understanding that:

Growth of an individual, as a primary unit of society, is the base for further socioeconomic development. It is well researched and established that individuals functioning at higher levels of self development (post conventional) are only capable to bring real social and economic changes beneficial to society and environment. It has also been established that administrative solutions to our social and environmental programs did not bring positive results.

Our model PermaLife & EcoWealth Experience that impacts regeneration of life on earth is “planted” inform of experience providing centers on each continent and spreads naturally according to the people’s growth of understanding /awakening to higher reality of life and existence.

PNC and GEA, nonprofit organizations as part of our Global EcoWealth Alliance will use a comprehensive platform-web software to connect available global wealth resources into meaningful evolutionary co-creation:

  • Link investors/grant providers to selected/ certified green projects of their choice
  • Certify environmental groups/projects and link to funding resources
  • Link certified environmental groups/projects to individuals/specialists looking for meaningful work – projects that uplift communities and advance sustainability in all areas of life.

By connecting individuals and funding organizations to finance large social and environmental projects that provide meaningful jobs PNC and GEA Network will contribute not only to a stronger economy but healthier and happier social life – providing meaning to value creators gainfully employed.

The PermaLife Network Community (PNC) and Global EcoWealth Alliance (GEA) platform (web portal) will provide access to a highly organized and searchable set of programs, courses, coaches and teachers that cover all fundamental areas necessary for full self-reliance/EcoWealth including personal development and training. Our members and partners will provide knowledge and training for developing professional competence in fields related to green projects offered as well as inner development that unfolds the full potential of each individual.

In addition to funding resources, all selected (certified by us) major environmental and sustainability organizations will be invited to submit projects for funding and development by PNC and GEA Network. The Lean Startup methodology will be used as a template for launching and rapidly expanding each project in tune with the demand for its deliverables and the resources available to drive it. This system also includes vital metrics which will be shared with voluntary mentor/advisors and the investor/donors to ensure the optimal deployment of funds.

Large numbers of interested and concerned members of the public, who wish to improve the quality of life on Earth and to develop eco/sustainable communities, will be invited to participate as members. They will be able to volunteer as mentors or advisors to individuals working on these projects. More than that, however, they will also be asked to suggest criteria for assessing the sustainability of proposed projects as well as voting for or rating these criteria and the usefulness of the projects themselves.

The involvement of many sectors of society in PNC and GEA Network is an essential element of its potential for publicity and rapid expansion.
The intelligent use of self-development and training resources as a critical part of PNC and GEA not only caters to the needs of donors/investors for qualified individuals working in the projects, it also provides a major attractor for all members to become involved and advance towards manifesting their full potential.

  • To achieve ETERNAL WEALTH we need to EXPERIENCE how to maintain:
  • Good Natural Health-self generated – without dependency or fear
  • Effective Self Development- post conventional phases- strong and stable growth experience
  • Fruitful RELATIONS with FAMILY and society: Emotional Intelligence, balance and purpose of life together
  • Healthy Food Independency (ability to produce enough for family at any time of need)
  • Conditions and skills for Value Creation and Exchange System: Business/Family Economy
  • Happy and healthy Home/domain-mother land, Renewable Energy
  • Co-creation of healthy family, home /community education of children
  • Community co-creation, compounding/collaborating effect of awakening and global human evolution
  • This eight points/areas or energies of life are constantly interrelating in a whole creating our experience of life. Mastering these 8 areas/energies means mastering the life.
  • Our program is designed to enliven the essence of life, the wisdom of life/universe in these 8 areas and provide conditions for energy flow to achieve fruitful and joyful activities to benefit individual, social and global life on Earth and further.

Experience the Path of Getting Out of Vicious Circle of Dependency and Rat Race System

Cyle of money

To Conclude:

The need for globally coordinated action is immediate; due to ongoing political/economic interest games numerous international conferences and actions did not yield desired result. Proposed actions are slowed due to disagreements, blaming, lack of funding, etc. But reality is that there is no time for political/economic power speculations. Somebody has to take full responsibility for destiny of our planet and life on earth, so…I am inn. What about you?

PNC and GEA create collaboration platforms not only to facilitate connection of educators and unemployed to environmental and social group projects with funding resources but also with scientist. We use transparent, universal rules for measuring, verifying and reporting. The progress towards goals as well as measurement of impact of funding will be publicly available for each project. Many reports are showing action will not just be cheaper than inaction, but could actually result in economic, environmental and even individual and social health benefits, while improving global Earth sustainability.

Eternal Wealth Experience Program is the Journey to Your Real Self = Freedom of Life

How we provide experience and knowledge:

5-fold Matrix of Wisdom Circle

  1. The Coaching gives personal experience on the path to resolve all your challenges,
  2. The Guiding uses experience of others to find the path out of your current issues,
  3. The Consulting gives you direct answers to your current challenges/obstacles
  4.  The teaching provides basis to experience knowledge/skills/techniques to get out of illusions/ dependency
  5. The Master Mind Group brings collective experience, it is community consciousness supporting individual growth and produces effects beyond imaginable.

Our Program has two groups/tracks:

Families: Parents and parents-to-be
Our work focus is on individual well-being that includes family unity, spiritual, emotional and material well-being. We see a person as a fundamental unit of global harmony that is nothing but condensed dynamics of the whole universe.
During our work we reset to our original setup,
The way we metabolize/process our:

  • Time: how we organize our life in time and space
  • Experience: how we experience life and events, pleasant and unpleasant (happy/unhappy), our job/profession, family, friends, giving, …
  • Health: how we manage our body needs, health, pain, pleasure
  • Energy: how we manage our inner energy needed for achievement of our purpose
  • Consciousness/Clarity: how we see our life, our purpose, and how we organize goal oriented actions

Wealth: how we generate our wealth on 8 fundamental levels of life, financial freedom vs. dependency, and much more

Business: Transition to sustainable/socially responsible, ethical, non-exploitative business
Economic transition is happening globally, my goal is to introduce knowledge and practices that will bring immediate results to businesses health. I’ll give guidance, mentoring, coaching all that is necessary for you to make you get through the change.
 Since you are #1 factor for your business we will start with:

  • Your health, strength, clarity and then adjust social and business practices.
  • You will remember your real purpose, regain happiness and joy of life, redefine real success, regain freedom from fear, freedom from disease, establish real independence and inner peace, make your family  happy
  • Regain balance between your family and your job responsibilities
  • Establish your inner balance to pacify your emotions, emotional and physical pains, fear and anger, make yourself happy, make your employees happy
  • And finally You will learn the biggest secret of all success that is a reason for all our action how to achieve self realization total freedom enlightenment

Coaching is recommended only after you apply skills and techniques you learned in our workshops.

We can accept only a few one on one coaching processes  so we recommend applying only if you have a well funded project or a challenge of high importance to your life.
The coaching/guiding process is completely individualized. So your investment into coaching is designed during your meeting with the coach.

If you wish to apply for coaching or membership in Wisdom Circle schedule a personal appointment. Together we will decide if these programs are of benefit to your particular situation.

There is a way to materialize your dreams
Discover abundance here and now
There is more in this life
There is more
Just step into
Wisdom Circle
Master Mind Group

Eternal Wealth Experience Program was created to help people regain joy of life. While most of humanity experiences great fear from coming changes we are creating an oasis to provide necessary knowledge and skills for smooth global transition toward higher levels of human evolution. Our mission is to provide all knowledge, services and products necessary for your full personal development-self realization and smooth experience of current global transition. Sustainable life in harmony with nature is a requirement for personal growth and easy global transition. Wisdom of healthy, self-sufficient existence is by product of consciousness development.

This is our contribution that we are honored to share with our global family.

“A human being is a part of a whole, called by us “universe”, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest… a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” Albert Einstein