The Key to Transforming Our Lives

How to Regain Our Lost Freedom & Recreate Our Own Life: our thoughts, feelings, decisions, actions

Witness or be a creator of a new healthy and sustainable world that is emerging—the world that requires new ways of thinking, and living in order to meet the new needs of our transforming lives. Our entry and thriving in the new world begins with our desire and ability to accept and implement the new living style and new techniques.

This article is written to help those who are ready to change their own lives for good.  We look at how we are reacting and how we can respond rather than wasting our time discovering and proving who is guilty. Many awakening people use terms like Dark Forces and Forces of Light to describe life damaging and life supporting influences produced by certain groups and organizations. The underlying truth is that we are all One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness in Motion, Fully Awake within itself…

I wrote this article to share the way I experienced and discovered metamorphosis of individual to cosmic life. I ask you to listen openly, checking to see if these experiences and discoveries feel right.  In the first part of the article I am focusing more on understanding our current situation “what pulls down”, because I believe that we all have some work to do on our lives. In the second part of the article ancient wisdoms are summarized in a condensed form to fit the purpose of this brief article.

Let us start this journey that leads to our true self:

I don’t know what your personal truths are or where you are going in your life.

Are you doing what you enjoy and are you being your true self?

Did you surround yourself with healthy relationships and give yourself enough credit? Are you living a vibrant life, building wealth, going up or down?

In the end, you are the only person who knows how your life is unfolding.

Ancient wisdom will help you go through your shifts. And if you see the path to light, I hope you will consider that it is time to take action.

Answer the questions below:

1: Are you moving truly forward or not?

2: Are you truly doing work that you enjoy or not?

3: Are you truly being the person you want to be or not?

4: Are your relationships truly supporting you or not?

5: Do you truly believe in yourself or not?

6: Are you truly fit and vibrant, or not?

7: Are you building true wealth, or depleting it?

8: Are you truly stepping up or you are backing down?

If your answer is YES to all of the questions: Go and enjoy doing what you already do, you probably do not need to read further.

But if you have negative answers you may wish to find out how to improve naturally.

Most of us suffer information overwhelm. So this article is a summary of more than 5000 years of practical life wisdom narrated in simple words. Here is, in seed form, all you need to know to make your life happier and more successful. It is easy to understand and apply to your life; you do not need to search further. After reading you will be able to draw your life directing conclusions easier and make better choices for your future.

Let me start with the observation of my friend, Harley Storey, a great life coaching teacher:

PhoneAre Humans naturally religious?
It seems we need something to believe in, something to save us, something to fall back on, a refuge and a rock to rest on as a buffer against the uncertainty of life. 
For some their religion is money, wealth, power, status and possessions. For others it might be health, fashion, youth or beauty. Even atheism can be a religion. Technology is a religion, and all religions require sacrifice, like the lines of people camping all night outside an Apple store waiting for their new iPhone. For Apple fans their congregation is fellow Apple worshippers, their interaction with their devices are their sacraments, their priesthood are the Apple designers and their messiah is the late Steve Jobs.

But does a new phone help you find lasting happiness, develop your compassion or ease the pain of life’s blows?

Because if it can’t save you, maybe it’s a false religion and your offerings, sacrifices and prayers are all in vain?
Our materialistic world is obsessed with external appearances because we are looking for something tangible we can trust in and that trusts in us.

But because we don’t understand the nature of the problem, we’re looking for the wrong solution.

Wise teachers proclaim “were born on this earth to learn to transcend the great crises and great challenges, to evolve in our lives and finally live in unity with nature and the whole universe in joy-love-peace.” Even we may believe the statement is right but common experience of the majority is: the vicious circle of dependency is almost impossible to exit.  Dependency circle is our common experience: we go to school to get diplomas, to get well paid job, to pay for insurances, homes, cars, vacations, and other never ending needs and desires.

In order to resolve – Let us find the causes of our problem or challenge:

  1. Present defined: We are living in the times of abundance of everything, but few people can claim material abundance and even fewer can clam spiritual abundance. Our common experience is information and stress overload, lack of time for personal and family life, lack of money, lack of energy, lack of health, lack of real friendship, and an abundance of fear, depression, sorrow, misery in daily life. All that we do not want.
  2. Present makes Future: But why is it important how the majority of our world population feels and experiences life? Let’s set aside for a moment the events and realities of our current existence – global climate changes, extinction, …  Rather, let’s pay attention to the energy of the thoughts and feelings these events and realities evoke in us. Then ask yourself “what is the dominant frequency produced (emotion radiated by majority of humans on earth)?” The result is a description of the dominant force that designs our current world and innumerable events.

Scientists have been reporting for a long time that our emotions and thoughts are decreasing the strength of our immune system – making way to numerous diseases. Of course our ability to evolve as a species, to express creativity, to invent and to develop higher states of consciousness is greatly reduced as well.

Who is interested in that?

Is a collection of green paper (money) symbolizing value more important than our well-being? Individually, socially? Who could design such value system where human life is of lesser importance and lesser value than mere symbols of power? What is the level of development of those beings???

We are sold a belief: Majority of population experiencing misery and depression think, “this is what life is, we can’t change it. We are just a small screw in the huge powerful systems. Life of our ancestors went this way, we have to bear it and those who attempted to make radical changes disappeared.”

Science is a tool that can be used to support dark forces as well as forces of light: Independent scientist report the solutions for most of our current social, health, energy problems do exist and it is not necessary to struggle and be imprisoned in this vicious circle of dependency. All human beings have inherent-natural ability to constantly regenerate and heal themselves; however, it seems we do it very poorly. Why? Is it because of our health, physical, mental and social well-being?

Who may desire this miserable situation and why? There are many speculations, like pharmaceutical industry, hospital industry, bankers, “reptilians”, conspiracy groups …imagination is endless.

Is there justice in the world in which we live?

The current situation however unpleasant for the majority and somewhat pleasant for the minority is exactly how it should be. Sound harsh? Let me explain. We all get something from every event: a few get enormous material wealth (that does not bring lasting happiness, peace or self-actualization), and most of others get stress and misery-pain and traces of happiness and joy of life. These traces of joy drive our desire for more. But we may remember that most changes happen when a tension and challenging situation reaches adaptability threshold.  It is when the system can no longer change and cope with the existing situation that it breaks down. Then something new is created that we hope can handle this challenge. [consider giving an example either in food production methods, highway systems for transportation, when a person suffers a breakdown that causes them to alter their life, …

In addition to national laws, and international treaties that are applied to social life there are higher laws (Laws of Nature and the Universe) that guide all steps of our life from birth, growth and development to aging and death as well as environment and planetary life and behavior. Our natural environment and the whole universe communicate and exchange information with each of us all the time. Due to pollution of our system we are not able to perceive this information. So, when we neglect all our inner feelings and signals of our body for long time and accept illusions to guide us, the pain comes as a teacher and motivator of the highest rank. It shows that we did something wrong and naturally we want to get out of pain so we try to change.

Misconceptions of separation and safety: There is a broadly accepted opinion that the affluent are magically separated from the rest who are living in poverty. Interestingly, modern research of independent scientists proves that not only society members of a same species but all living world on our planet (as well as others) are intimately connected and interdependent. Ancient wisdom states if a corner of a pond is poisoned all fish will be affected, not only those in the corner”. The same applies to our galaxy and universe.

So we all experience, almost equally, global chemical/biological pollution (heavy metal, pesticides, herbicides, genetic, parasitic, bacterial and viral samples) in food, water and air, supported by random electromagnetic pollution and intentionally generated frequency control systems.  This is amplified by mental and emotional pollution created by media systems (including news), games, movies and educational industry.

All living beings on earth share the environment influenced by life retarding influences. This also disturbs the intelligence of our galaxy and the whole universe.

Understanding the human problem on Earth: As discussed earlier, there are many influences that control the pace of our personal development.  These include unintentionally and intentionally created pollution on physical and emotional/psychological level by biological foreign matter/organisms or by subtle energies and frequencies. Current research is supporting ancient wisdom stating that our emotions and thinking are the basis for our physical and material wellbeing. We call it personal development, evolution or self-realization on an individual level and evolution of species /society on a social level.

Now that we have looked at some sources of our challenges, let’s take a look at what ancient wisdom provides.

Summary of Ancient Wisdom

(knowledge of reality of existence):
a. The intelligence of the universe, Totality (God, Dao…) is everywhere, all the time, including us now, here. So we do not need to search far.

b. All possibilities in life are our natural human set up…. we just forgot how to use it.

c. Total wisdom of life is lost due to illusion – wrong perception, decision and action cycle –pragya parat. We may also define it as physical and mental pollution that cause systems malfunctions.

d. All spiritual teachers of past and present are teaching how to restore that unity between human and nature, intelligence of the universe, God, Dao

e. All enlightened/self-realized teachers give to their disciples some kind of technique that will detox their systems (mental and physical) and revive it to its original natural values. (Debugging of system). Various teachings and techniques have different levels of effectiveness.

A recent saint – self-realized or fully developed person that has achieved the mission on global world scale is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He shared knowledge not how to awaken only an individual but also how to change the trends of social Life globally. There are many other teachers that mainly contribute benefits to local and national communities.  Only a few succeed globally. The core legacy of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is the millions of people returning and awakening their true self by practicing transcending through the Transcendental Meditation Technique ™ which he brought to us.

Applying the knowledge in modern daily life

Current generations experience several basic difficulties in attempt to use ancient spiritual/personal development practices.

First the ancient terminology is often outdated and not easily understandable and acceptable.

Second requirements, routines and daily schedule of practices doesn’t fit today’s life.

Third the results are not instantaneous; it requires patience and strong will power for a long time. So only a few can do it.

In order to move ahead from wherever you are it is necessary to find a teacher who can provide:

  • Acceptable logical knowledge.
  • A measurable, science backed practice.
  • A practice that is easy for you to start and apply in your current life.

Drastic changes are stressful.  It is essential to have someone experienced that can guide and teach you.  Most of us don’t have direct access to enlightened people or Olympic-level coaches.  However, there are people trained by the masters specifically to deliver their teachings to humanity. 

Yole Raam is one such teacher.  Yole was taught by and guided directly by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who brought an effective practice for spiritual regeneration worldwide. Maharishi shifted and redirected key global world trends during 50 years through his TM and other advanced techniques and technologies.

According to Mayo Clinic, Transcendental meditation is a simple, natural technique… This form of meditation allows your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve a state of inner peace, without needing to use concentration or effort.

It is easy to learn and brings results quickly. The transcending during TM practice generates measurable neurophysiological changes that are regenerating the functioning of all areas on nervous system that is responsible for our positive thinking, emotional stability and ability to behave expressing deeper ethical and moral values, more respect toward others, nature and environment. Creative expression and innovation is increased and general feeling of happiness, freedom and joy is reported by long term TM practitioners Read more here… this science-based research have opened the door to a possibility that was unthinkable only a generation ago.

Yole was instructed how to teach the Transcendental Meditation [TM] together with hundreds of thousands of other teachers around the world. After many years of global activities with his master-reviving natural health practices, healthy food production, building affluent communities/poverty removal, healthy homes and habitats and peace earth, Yole Raam has developed the Total Self-Sufficiency Matrix. It is an educational system that uses guided experiential environment for applying techniques and skills necessary to enliven, strengthen, revive the key areas for self-sufficient/ reliant-sustainable life in fullness-freedom. Personal experience is supported by Coaching, Guiding, Consulting, Teaching and Master Mind Groups activities.

In this model, total awakening is happening in 8 key areas of life but the source of natural changes and personal growth is deep within. It is the transcending practice that resolves all obstacles on the way, that generates love, compassion, understanding and tolerance, flexibility, inner peace, positive feelings, accepting not expecting, collaborating and helping each other create joy and bliss in life here and now.

The first most important is skill of transcending. It is basis for all other areas of life to be fruitful and growing. Transcending boundaries of relative life restrictions, stress, fears, lacks/needs, obligations, etc. It is skill of generating the frequency of life growth, frequency of eternity of the universe.

Learning to transcend (go beyond) captivating influence of relative perception is the most valuable skill in life. Transcending connects you to the source of unity with all the laws of universe. It is a source of liberation.

The second skill that builds on neuro-physiological benefits generated by transcending is personal health mastery. We can heal ourselves and have perfect health. The knowledge is recorded in our genes. We have to revive it and start using again. So the first step is to stop using toxic food (food that contains pesticides, herbicides, artificial preservatives, genetically modified food, irradiated, infected etc.) We also learn how to eliminate other household toxicants like cleaners, shampoos, cosmetics, medications, etc. Then we learn how to detoxify our systems: liver, kidney, blood, lymph, etc. And finally we build new healthy habits.

The third skill is preparing healthy food and growing organic food if we cannot find it on the market. We will also learn how to save seed, create backyard or room and balcony gardens.

The fourth skill is value creation in socially, environmentally responsible and sustainable ways: we discover our passion and purpose or mission in our life, then we apply our current knowledge or acquire additional knowledge in order to materialize our goals/purpose or mission in our life. By creating new value, we express our self to society and environment, it is basis of our personal and family economy- that is the way we give and receive for continuation of our life.  Currently most of the world does this without following their purpose.  Most simply exchange work time for currency, mainly digital transfers in computer databases. Spontaneous just value exchange belongs to new coming economic paradigm.

The fifth skill is building a healthy home, ability to select land and build protected, fruitful domain for our family: the best place that will support your and family evolution/growth of life. Align your family purpose, the place, and laws/forces of nature and universe. Design and build healthy home including design for best renewable energy, water, food, air, and surrounding.

The sixth Skill is co-creation of harmonious family: expanding our inner and outer life values of eternity, to create new healthy life on earth, new family member. Harmonious family relations are based on ability to transcend differences and awareness of common purpose, necessity to support each other on the path of evolution. It is the turning point in contemporary marriage. Knowledge and preparation for creation of a new life is necessary. Having natural home delivery with trusted family and close friends supporting, brings new dimension to social life of a community.

The seventh skill bringing up and educating children at home by parents, grandparents and by friends, neighbors and community. The basis of conscious parenting are your own values. You can give to your children only as much as you have. All weaknesses you have (emotional/mental and physical) are influencing quality of your relation with the child but also speed of family development/growth. We guide them and help grow but they help us overcome our boundaries too. It is untold agreement. We support each other on our path.

The eight skill is building harmony in community life by expanding our family values we created to our community and environment.

Designing/organizing new communities not on the basis of multinational corporate labor needs but on the basis of common purpose and goals, and vision to live in tune with nature and laws of the universe. Developed beings do not have a need or an excuse to exploit each other, or destroy environment and other species on earth for the mere paper made symbols of value. This skill is learned by those who desire to create communities that are generating harmonious environment for personal development (love, happiness, joy, free expression, creation, innovation). Each community functions on the basis of member’s skills, values and goals.

Yole occasionally organizes the intro “SEED Course” where you can learn all 8 skills needed for self-sufficient living and after that course you may choose to deepen knowledge of a specific are like health, relations, sustainable business and others.

“We honor you for facing your life with courage to live the truth of who you are and who you could be and as you move forward, may the gates to possibility always swing wide open for you”. BB