This story came up one night when my boys requested a bed time story.

Yogi’s Good Night story for Kids or Adults

How to Return to Light – Reminder of Life Purpose

Years ago my good friend told me “you know, before our soul comes to earth and incarnates in a body, it perfectly knows why it is coming, the purpose is very clear, but when we enter our body, somehow we forget it, and then we spend the rest of our life trying to find the purpose of our life and why we are here”.

In a country unknown, baby was born and as all other babies, wanted to grow up, wanted to start walking, wanted to start speaking and doing all other things that grownups do. So the baby became a boy, went to school, and did it all as the other people do. His mother and father grow old and could not provide all it was needed for the home, to pay bills and the buy.

So the boy, now young man, quickly completed the school and got employment in a local factory. Worked hard day after day, month after month, and years passed by, he was married and had two beautiful kids. He had a good life, all he and his family needed. He held highly respected position in the business community, but as the days where passing his inner feeling of emptiness and despair grew bigger.

One day, his despair went out of control. He did not go home to disturb his family, he was aimlessly wondering through the city.

It got very late, the shops were closed and the streets where empty and quiet. As he approached a street corner a bagger poled out his hand and asked for a donation.  The young man hesitated for a moment, his mind was spinning, “my family needs…new ….I do not have enough for all …, shall I give him, how much?

After a long pause his hearth wined over intellect, he thought, this is not much but might make him happy. The bagger thanked him and he was already walking away when he heard invitation, “weight I have something for you”! slowly he returned to the bagger, not expecting anything.  The beggar said, you cannot imagine how much this means for me: the whole day I didn’t get enough to by food for my family, now with your gift I can go home and make them happy with a simple meal. Here is something I want to share with you, an old man give me the scroll when I helped him with his kids. He said it contains a secret of life, but I will benefit from it only with a person who is at the edge of life and death. You know, I am blind, cannot read but can feel very well people who pass by me.  Most of them I could not trust, but tonight I felt your despair and got a hope that his words will came through. Will you read it to me?  Please, would you read, it might have something for you. The young man, in despair did not care, did not feel any pressure or urge to go anywhere, so he said: nobody can help me but OK, I’ll read it for you.

So he started:

Keep this scroll secret and share it only with those sincere souls who are desperate in search for truth of life. Using this scroll I realized all my dreams and even more then I could dream so I am sharing it with you today since it is your time to carry the light on and share it further.

Read each instruction slowly, and think about it, what it means to you, how you can implement it in your life. When you get satisfied with answers that your soul generates than go to the next instruction.

Now is your time to Remember and Regain the Purpose, Light of Life!

mata i bogdan1. Remember, you came here by your will, your soul got this body because of your desire; your desire to unify with me, the holy spirit of divine light; people call me different names but in essence I am what you experience as love, peace, joy, light, – the creator of all things and father of all beings.

The blind man started trembling, as his mind kept going far back in his memories and the young man felt knot in his troth. He was blaming others for his situation all this year now he got reminded, it was he who decided to come here and do what he does.

2. Remember, you were free before, you are free now, you will be free forever; do not allow anybody to trick you to start believing that you do not have freedom, anybody means anybody, even a king or what so ever. I am your father and I gave freedom to you and everybody else forever, to do things that are dear to your hearth. Do not sale your freedom for any bribe: money, things or joy, or other illusory benefits to any group, organization, organized religion …or any political or economy system.

After hearing this statement both man intuitively new it is true, as their thoughts where floating in the blissful memories of freedom that become their reality again, their bodies straitened the posture, they felt strength in their bodies again. Tears of joy where shyly rolling on their cheeks. Unbearable situations of their lives become marginal.

But the question aroused, how to live life of freedom in this life setup and society enforced rules, etc.

3. All you need is within you, follow your hearth, feel your soul and do what you think should be done; do all you wish without harming or disturbing anybody.

4. Forget all artificially created conditioning, rules, codes, conventions, trust your inner voice, and follow your happiness

5. Start doing what you really love and value

6. Act now, start changing your life from now don’t wait for tomorrow

7. And it is so easy, just ask, ask those who are already doing it. Go help them, learn it and then start doing it yourself.

8. There will be obstacles on your path, but it is here only to learn lessons you are missing, do not feel disturbed it is a part of your journey to divine light. It makes you stronger

9. Illusions are many, but when in doubt what leads to light or darkness follow love, peace, joy and light of life; do not judge, do not analyze or criticize, do not fight against negativity/darkness, just radiate your love, your peace, your light and your joy.  Be life. Follow your inner voice.

10. And never forget why you came to this dream, this material dream that was made just for you is fastest way to unite with me, your divine father.

Now go and do it, I am waiting for you.

Let this be your guide, memorize it and REMEMBER forever:

  1. You came here and got body by you will to unify with me, I am love, peace, joy, light of life of all things and all beings.
  2. You are granted freedom eternal, do not sale it for any illusory benefit to anybody.
  3. All you need is within you, follow your hearth, feel your soul and do what you think should be done; Follow your happiness, be who you are,
  4. In order to create your world: abandon all boundaries of rules, systems … do all you wish without harming or disturbing anybody
  5. Do only what you love and value
  6. Start action now, the small steps count
  7. In order to learn just help and ask those who do what you want to know
  8. Obstacles are lessons you are missing; it is part of your journey to divine light. It makes you stronger
  9. If in doubt just radiate your love, your peace, your light and your joy.  Be life. Follow your inner voice. Do not fight, criticize, or judge.

REMEMBER, this dream you call real life on Earth was created just for you because the Earth provides mechanics for the fastest (evolution) way to unite with me, your divine father the intelligence behind all there is in eternity.

Now knowing this go and use your life as you wish, I am waiting for you.