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Yole pioneered the green lifestyle in Europe: 
holistic hospitality, organic food, natural health and sustainable business practices
. He worked with Indian spiritual teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in setting new trends for life on earth.
 And now, he is giving back to humankind after more than 24 years of silence. Yole has achieved all levels of education however he does not put too much value in degrees. He says “I am here to promote health and happiness in life, not an education to be servants. The world needs true leaders for inner and outer freedom in order to make this earth a better place.”

Yole has dedicated his life to spiritual practice since the age of 12. When he was 20 years old he joined with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Ten years under Maharishi’s personal guidance taught Yole the highest principles of personal life and global life on Earth. Numerous questions and dilemmas where cleared up. However the life of a recluse did not give all experiences he needed. He has had a dynamic life of adventures, traveling, war, and even experienced prison and was near death several times. Yole’s next big challenge was the life of a family man.

Now after 15 years and raising three children, Yole returns to public life to share his blessings with those who are seeking to make the next bold step in their evolution. Yole’s attention goes especially to families and those ready to create new family life. Yole say’s “Health and happiness of families is essential for the future of earth, the whole universe but also society and our global economy”. Yole received what he calls “life’s call” after his master Maharishi left his earthly body. Searching for his real purpose he discovered that his life long education and experience of freedom he gained with his master has only value if it is shared and brings benefit to those in need.

He says “we share this earth and universe with numerous beings and the energy that we produce around us is what makes this world experience pleasant or unpleasant. We are like a fish in the ocean, if ocean gets muddy and poisoned than all of us suffer, no matter how powerful/rich or poor we may be.” So Yole created programs to deliver the greatest value possible, as easy and fast it can humanly be:

You can learn more about Yole’s teachings in his blog.

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