The Eight Smiles


The first most important is smile of transcending. It is basis for all other areas of life to be fruitful and growing. Transcending boundaries of relative life restrictions, stress, fears, lacks/needs, obligations, etc. It is skill of generating the frequency of life growth, frequency of eternity of the universe. Learning to transcend (go beyond) captivating influence of relative perception is the most valuable skill in life. Transcending connects you to the source of unity with all the laws of universe. It is a source of liberation.

Health Mastery

The second smile that builds on neuro-physiological benefits generated by transcending is personal health mastery. We can heal ourselves and have perfect health. The knowledge is recorded in our genes. We have to revive it and start using again. So the first step is to stop using toxic food (food that contains pesticides, herbicides, artificial preservatives, genetically modified food, irradiated, infected etc.) We also learn how to eliminate other household toxicants like cleaners, shampoos, cosmetics, medications, etc. Then we learn how to detoxify our systems: liver, kidney, blood, lymph, etc. And finally we build new healthy habits.

Healthy Food

The third smile is preparing healthy food and growing organic food if we cannot find it in the market. We will also learn how to save seeds, create backyard or room and balcony gardens. When the food is pure one’s health is naturally strong.

Value Creation

The fourth smile is value creation in socially, environmentally responsible and sustainable ways: we discover our passion and purpose or mission in our life, then we apply our current knowledge or acquire additional knowledge in order to materialize our goals/purpose or mission in our life. By creating new value, we express our self to society and environment, it is basis of our personal and family economy- that is the way we give and receive for continuation of our life. Currently most of the world does this without following their purpose. Most simply exchange work time for currency, mainly digital transfers in computer databases. Spontaneous just value exchange belongs to new coming economic paradigm.

Healthy Home

The fifth smile is building a healthy home, ability to select land and build protected, fruitful domain for our family: the best place that will support your and family evolution/growth of life. Align your family purpose, the place, and laws/forces of nature and universe. Design and build healthy home including design for best renewable energy, water, food, air, and surrounding.

Harmonious Family

The sixth smile is co-creation of harmonious family: expanding our inner and outer life values of eternity, to create new healthy life on earth, new family member. Harmonious family relations are based on ability to transcend differences and awareness of common purpose, necessity to support each other on the path of evolution. It is the turning point in contemporary marriage. Knowledge and preparation for creation of a new life is necessary. Having natural home delivery with trusted family and close friends supporting, brings new dimension to social life of a community.

Home Education

The seventh smile is bringing up and educating children at home by parents, grandparents and by friends, neighbors and community. The basis of conscious parenting are your own values. You can give to your children only as much as you have. All weaknesses you have (emotional/mental and physical) are influencing quality of your relation with the child but also speed of family development/growth. We guide them and help grow but they help us overcome our boundaries too. It is an untold agreement. We support each other on our path.

Community Living

The eighth smile is building harmony in community life by expanding our family values we created to our community and environment. Designing/organizing new communities not on the basis of multinational corporate labor needs but on the basis of common purpose and goals, and a vision to live in tune with nature and laws of the universe. Developed beings do not have a need or an excuse to exploit each other, or destroy environment and other species on earth for the mere paper made symbols of value. This skill is learned by those who desire to create communities that are generating harmonious environment for personal development (love, happiness, joy, free expression, creation, innovation). Each community functions on the basis of member’s skills, values and goals.

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