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Yole provides consulting for those who wish to establish a sustainable community or who are already involved in one. Expertise includes healthy building, food production, business development, sustainability, community organization and home education. Consulting can be provided onsite anywhere in the world or through the Internet or combination of both.


The Eight Smiles workshop is a two-day workshop that gives a thorough introduction into the Eight Smiles: Transcendence, Health Mastery, Healthy Food, Holistic Wealth, Healthy Home, Harmonious Family, Home Education and Community Living. Individual workshops are available on each area of the Eight Smiles. These are more in depth one week workshops for individuals and groups ready to take the next step in implementing their higher life vision.


Yole offers coaching to individuals and groups who wish to make a sustained transformation in their lives. Yole will focus on all areas of the client’s life including, spiritual well being, health, diet, wealth generation and career, and family life. The benefit of coaching is that the client is supported in making sustained positive changes in all the key areas of their lives. A typical coaching engagement is from 3 to 6 months. Clients can receive coaching from Yole anywhere in the world via Skype.


If you have an individual issue or concern in the areas of health, diet, spiritual development, family relations and home education, Yole is available for 35, 45, and 60 minute guidance sessions via Skype.

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Yole Yogi Raam

Yole Yogi Raam is a Global Transition Guide. He teaches people how to be self-sufficient and how to create self-sufficient communities.

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